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Trinidad Zuluaga, MA, CHAIS, LMHC


I believe that we all carry our own answers and the potential for healing through our inner wisdom. I will be traveling by your side in this journey and together, we will explore your inner world throughout techniques based in Somatic Therapy, Internal Family Systems and Mindfulness. Together, we will have an experiential and holistic approach to discover your intrinsic healing capacities.


Individual Psychotherapy


Trauma Therapy



Gradient Ocean


Recognize the ways your nervous system reacts in different situations and learn to manage stress using all your physiological resources to access states of calm, relaxation and connection with yourself.



Our life is not the one that we live, but the one that we remember and how we remember it to share it with others.

Gabriel García Márquez



Podcast: Transformación, Balance y Movimiento

By Trinidad Zuluaga

Meditaciones guiadas, entrevistas e historias narradas. Si buscas tener una relación más cercana contigo mismo y aprender a escuchar el idioma de tu cuerpo este podcast es para ti. Episodios cada mes con temas prácticos para la vida cotidiana.

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