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I firmly believe that every human being has its intrinsic capacities that, given the right environment, safety, and support, can develop to find their full potential and live a life of plenitude. Animals and nature are born with an inner wisdom that strives for survival and resiliency. We as human beings, not only have that inner wisdom but also have the capacity to reflect on it to improve our lives.

Due to my personal experiences and the way I’ve been raised, I have developed a deep connection with myself and I have been able to listen to my own needs and honor them in every step of my journey. Due to this inner wisdom that I have developed, I have been able to trust myself and be empowered to recognize every decision I make as the perfect decision for that specific time and place in my life. 


I was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia, where I graduated from a B.A degree in Psychology. There, I learned that resiliency is a decisive quality of nurture to overcome our socio-political issues and move on despite difficulties. Later, I moved to Boston (United States) where I got certified as a Human-Animal Intervention Specialist at Oakland University. I have volunteered for several organizations that provide AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy) services to a wide variety of populations. In this journey, I have experienced how being in contact with nature has the potential of reconnecting us with our deepest self and thus can express freely and enjoy an authentic relationship with our environment and ourselves.


Living in Boston, I got very interested in Mindfulness practices and in finding ways to integrate them into my life and my relationships with others. Call it destiny or serendipity, I met Professor Ellen Langer who is the mother of research in Mindfulness. I had the honor to work with her as a Research Assistant at Harvard University. It has been this journey and being far away from my country and my family that led me to get immersed in contemplative practices such as Yoga, Meditation, and hiking. Those practices helped me evolve as a person and professional and develop a deeper connection with my body and thus, understand the wisdom and potential that lies in it.

Driven by the conviction of the perception of humans as Biopsychosocial-Spiritual beings, I completed a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology at Bastyr University, a program that has been widely recognized in the country and specifically in the Pacific North West for its Holistic approach. Thanks to this program, I acquired the necessary skills to provide a culturally competent, individualized, and compassionate practice that is designed to adapt to each specific client.

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